Thursday, March 08, 2007

My laptop: my local web server

Well two months back I bought my first laptop. A Compaq V3155AU with following configuration:
AMD Turion64 (single core) 2.0Ghz
Hyper Threading support
512MB DDR2 system memory (I upgraded that to 1GB)
nVidia 6150 graphics chip-set with shared memory
14.1" display
60GB SATA hard disk drive
Wireless Lan
At sub Rs. 40,000 (sub US$ 900) this was a great deal. I was using Fedora Core 6 (64bit edition) on it but was not using it much since I still love my desktop and do not have enough work to justify simultaneous usage of two computers. Recently my friend planned to join me on web development work and I thought this was a good time to use it regularly. So I had to first make sure the Wireless Lan worked since I Fedora had not done that automatically. I read:
"Compaq Presario V3000 with Ubuntu 6.06" and it helped a lot. Actually I got the Wireless Lan running in no time. It was very easy. If after a shutdown or restart you need to connect just use the usual commands (iwconfig, iwlist, dhclient to scan for network, connect, etc.).
I setup up my usual structure for web projects. PHP was already there, so was Apache. A few needed PHP modules were added (APC, MagickWand for ImageMagick) and I had a working local web server !!!
Things are really that easy if you are using the right software :) and there is always Google to help you when need it.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Problems with installing Yum on Fedora Core 4

"There is a problem importing one of the Python modules" : ever faced this error after installing an running yum. Well I faced that. And searched on Google for it. But in vain. Most results suggested the usual missing packages:
libxml2-python, python-sqlite, or python-elementtree
I tried installing all of them and no use. Then did lot of finding around and finally i tried to install other package managers. Finally I cam across a yum rpm package at and while installing I got the dependency error for urlgrabber ( Installed that and all was fine !!!