Wednesday, May 03, 2006

8085 Emulator

The College project : An 8085 Microprocessor Kit Emulator
The project, done in C++ tries to emulate the functions of an 8085 emulator ditto as a hardware trainer kit would work. The purpose is to create a software based 8085 Trainer Kit which looks and works similar. So this one does not have buttons like [ADI] or [MVI]. Instead it is all HEX code stuff buttons and the buttons for Rst (Reset), Set, Ins(Insert)... etc. as one would find in a hardware based 8085 trainer kit.

The project isnt yet fully complete. The sources are available here :

All sources available under GNU GPL
This project uses the Irrlicht library for UI : Irrlicht

Update (4th May 1:42 AM IST) : At last the code works. It compiles without errors and I have tested with some very simple assembly code. It works ! But some more work needs to be done...
An archive of all files : here

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Anshuman said...


I am Anshuman kalla and like to learn languages. In this process I have taken up learning C++. By now I have learned C++ and searching for something interesting to take up. I am thinking to make 8085 mircorprocessor emulator myself using C++. I searched on internet to find some help. I found your project but it seems that links are not working. Could you please help me and give me idea to proceed. Also if you can provide me the active links.

Thank you.
Have a nice day!

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