Monday, May 01, 2006

About Me

Oh hello,
I am Sumit (brainless or techfundas on some IRC channels). A
web developer from India. Interested in Computers, Music, Movies. You know the normal college going normal stuff :)
I am a PHP coder and work on websites. I love making CMS for custom needs. Non-tech people generate a lot of content on the Internet, so it is necessary that we have easy to use CMS for them. I participate on Open Source projects. Like i have been there in GPLflash at some time, some PHP based CMS. Though my contributions are tiny but I try to help.
My dream subjects would be Automation and AI... and I wish someday I will be able to able to study in some University. Also working on such topics will be like wow!
My favorite topics (non-dreams =P) in Computers are Operating Systems, Internet Technologies, human computer interaction on the web, UI design, web standards.
Hurray!! Got Accepted in Google Summer of Code 2006 for Drupal. See here
Yeah that was sometime back. Now I am heading a team in Kolkata. A small start-up. We have created,, and We are planning some other websites too. And yes currently looking out for investment.
In my spare time I do consult people in developing websites, web applications, upgrading, maintaining, scaling them. If you need me just reply back to this post. And I will get back to you. Here is a list of technologies on which I usually work lot and you can expect help from me:
  • Linux (Debian, Fedora, Gentoo): usual web server setup
  • Apache 2.x or nginx
  • Varnish
  • PHP (I do not do much OOP, just where really needed)
  • memcache: Have been using cache on high volume websites for last 2+ years
  • MySQL, general SQL stuff.
  • HTML / CSS
  • JavaScript / AJAX using the jQuery library
  • Amazon Web Services, Amazon EC2, Amazon S3
I am still alive in 2011! To be honest I am more alive now than ever. We work on which is a group communication application. It is a hosted application and competes with what Google Groups, Yahoo! Groups, Ning or Facebook Groups has to offer. There are in fact many other such applications out there but we want to be the best. We cater to all kinds of groups of people from volunteer run Non-Profits, activity clubs, to corporates with team strengths of 10 to 1000. 2011 is a big year for us since we are making our first public launches this year. We have high hopes and we continue to push further each day.
Wow 2011 was a year with twists! Forums failed to achieve its goals and the project closed down. I joined MobStac as a Framework Engineer. Had loads of fun working on Python (a little), AWS infrastructure and HTML5 on iPad (a lot). We launched TouchSite, the iPad (later other tablets) HTML5 app for websites. It looks great and I am surely proud of what I helped build.

But time to move on, and 2012 is back to being an entrepreneur. We have a couple on ideas in mind. My wife is with me, and so are many of my dear friends. Lets rock!

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