Thursday, October 19, 2006

Share our web hosting server

Recently me and some friends changed from our web hosts to a full dedicated server. We took a nice server from Layered Technologies ( and put in Xen in it. Now each of us are running their own OS on the Xen. We had thought of dividing the server 4-way, but we are only using 2 slots. So if anyone is interested in taking a piece do tell us. We are mostly available on IRC : Freenode : Lookout for the following nicks :
brainless, llyric. Thats the two of us.
Even if you want to take a dedicated server and share it you can contact us if you need any help.
The details of the server are:
Processor : AMD 64 Athlon 4000+
Memory : 2048MB RAM
Hard Drive Space : 500GB Hard Drive
Drive Controller : SATA
Operating System : Fedora Core 5
IP Addresses : 8 (5 Usable)
Bandwidth : 1500GB
Up-link Port Speed : 100Mbps Up-link
All resources are equally divided and shared among the slots except the bandwidth, which is available to all and any slot can use all available bandwidth. Terms are simple: We don't want any illegal content like file. Usage of resources should not be such that it causes a pain to maintain the server. You must have basic knowledge to maintain your own slot. You will be given access to the main server too in case you need to restart or re configure your slot etc. We just want trust able and self supporting folks who can take care of there own OS. You can have any legal content including adult content.
As you can understand this is a good server and we do not utilize even 5% of the server resources on average, so you can make good use of the machine.
Each slot is at around less than $40 and if you want you can have 2 slots together in one with double the resources of one slot allocated to you.

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