Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Open Coffee Club Kolkata: Day 1

Hello Kolkatans,
I am glad to make this blog on what happened yesterday at our first attempt to bring people to a CCD. That does not sound out of the ordinary right? Well there is a twist. Cafe Coffee Day @ RDB Boulevard Salt Lake Sector V was buzzing with people, many of whom even I have never met. About 7 laptops, wifi, coffee, music and more. If I remember clearly about 15+ people poured in and went back with an experience which will bring them back many more times. Do not believe me? Well ask them. Here are the names I remember in the order I remember they came in:

Sumit Datta (pixlie )
Saikat Singha (pixlie)
Prashant Verma (Salt Lake Software)
Pallav Nadhani (InfoSoft Global)
Sumana Chakroborty (pixlie)
Sougata Pal (KonectIt)
Bibhash (consultant/freelancer)
Samiran Ghosh (Cognizant)
Mitesh Ashar (freelancer)
Nitesh Ambuj (E Force)
Pankaj (E Force)
Abishek Rungta (Indus Net Technologies)
Ashmita Brahma (freelancer)
Nikita Poddar (Cognizant)
Debashish Mohanty (Cognizant)

What came out of this? Well Sumana got freelance creative writing work! Yay! I came out with the name for a venture that Pallav and Abishek are coming up with. Its a secret... shhhh. But we will have a good party at one of the future OCC where they have promised to sponsor a (huge) cake. Lovely! Me and Mitesh discussed a new project he will be working on with me. We had some serious work done, awesome fun and I had my lunch (chicken burger) at 5 PM!

So what are you waiting for? Pour into the coming OCC @ CCD Park Street, Sat 29 Aug. 11 AM onwards. (opposite KFC). You are welcome to come in anytime after 11AM. Bring your laptops, blackberrys / iphones or even your notepad. Sit and draw if you want. Its up to you. Kolkata meets, discusses, shares and gets work done. Oh btw in the next OCCs I will be looking out of freelance programmers, PHP and JS. Others are also looking out of talent. Many content work coming in... so creative writers, bloggers should join in! Lets ROCK Kolkata! (and get a lot of work done over coffee).

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Note: We are looking out for some mobile broadband company to sponsor the events broadband connection. Currently we are running on something I use, plugged into my wireless router. But we need a better solution. So sales heads from the fiercely competitive mobile/broadband companies, here is your chance to prove your product.


SC said...

Surely would love to be a part of it :)
Cheers !!

Arnab SEO said...


I missed out on this but promise to be a pert of this next time.


memoirs of an unquiet mind said...

attending OCC at Cafe Coffee Dday @ RDB Boulevard Salt Lake Sector V on wednesday was quite an experience to remember... i must admit that i was a bit nervous while i walked down to the venue from infinity... and trust mee OCC was not really something i had thought it to be... instead poeple came pouring in with their laptops and not to forget broad smiles... the next couple of hours passed in a flick as we sipped over some coffee and kept blabbering and working... i was the quietest of the lot and preferred to observe than being noticed...

thanx to sumit for inviting me to join OCC...thanx to all you guys for being so friendly... and lastly sorry to those i had been "snob" with...

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