Thursday, July 01, 2010

Poor customer support from Airtel Digital TV

We recently bought a new Airtel Digital TV DTH service for our Salt Lake office. All was fine until I noticed an upgrade to Airtel DTH HD (High Definition) at a price of Rs. 2250 /- one time. It included ESPN HD till July 12, 2010, as I remember from my phone conversation with the customer support. I ordered for the upgrade (paid on IVR) and two days back (30 June 2010) we received our brand new HD box. But ESPN HD was not pre-activated. Strange as it may seem, I was to pay an extra Rs. 100/- for ESPN HD which was supposed to be included in the package. The reason given was a change in plans suddenly. Well of course to the customer, a price of Rs. 100 seems OK to be able to watch World Cup in full HD. So we paid the 100 bucks, sent the request and waited.

Waiting... waiting... still waiting. Its 2 July, and no ESPN HD on our TV. I called up customer support yesterday (1 July 2010), they gave me a waiting time of half an hour. Well of course that did not work. Then I called again, and I got a waiting time of 24 hours. That time is also almost up, and nothing yet. Oh! and all this while I have not received a single status SMS from Airtel on my registered mobile number. I called up today (2 July 2010) and got a waiting time till evening. They said there are technical issues in the new HD release, and many customers are feeling the pain.

My question: Airtel is not a small startup right? Why such rubbish service from such a big company? Its a grand fail. Just trying to launch an unfinished product to cash in on the World Cup fever is nothing but robbery.

Update: When nothing worked for 6 days (yes 6 bloody days, 3 complaints and what not) I finally asked Airtel Digital TV to give me a full refund (Rs. 2350 /-, HD Set Top Box + ESPN HD) and take their new shinny toy back. That worked! I got ESPN HD in 2 damn hours. Hah!


The Art of Gifting said...

Well this is not something new from Airtel....the adverts that come up for their mobile services boast about great network connection from anywhere under the sun...which is just crap. When I am inside the office (it is Salt Lake), most of the time I find my mobile in a mode like this: "Searching for network" if they cannot fix this, Airtel Digital DTH is far off....they are still in infancy....

Anonymous said...

Airtel Digital TV sucks....I had a total signal loss and after running from pillar to post and making over 100 phone calls to thier office their manager and to their dealers I could get it fixed only after 47 days....So much for customer service.

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