Sunday, July 11, 2010

Requirements for needs developers again (work from Salt Lake, Kolkata office):
1 x experienced backend PHP developer with Magento e-commerce experience, there will be a lot of customization of the product so they need to already know it and how it works.

1 x front-end UI developer with strong HTML and CSS experience, i.e. be able to take a layered PSD and make clean, lightweight, well structured HTML/CSS.

1 x graphic designer, someone with experience with e-commerce and retail stores, i.e. they need to design banners for products, sales, promotions etc. I'd want to see lot's of examples of previous work on this role.

1 x system engineer to setup and maintain Magento on Amazon Web Services, using EC2, RDS, Cloudfront & load balancer - therefore they need some very solid Amazon experience.

We will need to be "on call" (HQ in Australia) so if the site goes down at any time they can be reached via SMS and can login and see what's happened & fix (hopefully not a regular occurrence).
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