Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pages and Files in Google Groups

Recently read a notice on Google Groups Announcements Page that Google Groups will no longer support pages and files. From November 1, 2010 Google Groups will no longer allow creation or edit of pages or files. And from February 2011, Google Groups will not even allow access to old files and pages.

It also mentions that this was done "To focus on improving the core functionality of Google Groups -- mailing lists and forum discussions". Well either files and pages are very un-important features or that Google simply does not want to spend any effort on them. Maybe Groups is not a very important asset for Google.

But for this is exactly the kind of opportunity we are looking for. We do not yet have mailing lists (we will start working on it soon), but we do have files and pages. And of course we have tasks, events and other stuff.

Pages allow you are create "pages" just like in Drupal or WordPress; content which will not change much.
Files are simply file uploads.

Plus we have custom templates coming up. So, hey if you want to try out a forum software which will give power to YOU then try out If you have any problems just send a comment and we will help you out.

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