Thursday, May 04, 2006

Me in a Drupal project

Me in a Drupal project :
I am a PHP coder for almost 3 years now. I have knowledge of C / C++ and so I chose PHP 3 years back for web programming due to the similarity. I have worked previously for where I had to plan and look over the building of an internal content management system to manage around 30,000 ecards and the associated data. Though in there the primary coding language is Perl, and I was not a coder for that system. From there my interests in content management grew and presently I make some CMS for others.

I am new to the
Drupal API, but for last few days I have tried to get a grip of the API. I have discussed a lot with webchick on various matters related to understanding the API. I am at present comfortable with it. Since I have studied and/or used other API's previously ( like the Win32 API, Berkeley db, DirectX or Irrlicht ) I understand well the base concept of APIs. The Drupal looks nice and ofcourse very *do-able*. I have been through the "hooks" part and also studied the emample mudules. Also I have installed and looked thoroughly into the Atom module in particular since it is related to the GData module. I seem to understand around 70% of what is going on in the Atom module. I am a fast learner and have absolutely no problems in learning things from different shperes.

I have also taken time to look through the coding standards within Drupal community. As for my own coding style, I have here full sources of an emulator project I am doing for my college with a team of two other students : it is in C++ and uses Irrlicht API. Also here is the source to a CMS I recently developed for : in PHP.

I am a student of
BSc (Bachelor of Science) in Computer Science from Maharaja Manindra Chandra College, Kolkata, under Calcutta University, India.

I have previously been there on some Open Source projects like GPLFlash, though my contributions are little. I am present on PC-BSD and Irrlicht (Open Source graphics lib on Win) IRC channels. I have used CVS and SVN, but for read only purposes.

With support from the mentors (particularly
webchick helped a lot) and the Drupal community, I am sure I will not have much problem in implementing this module.

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