Friday, May 05, 2006

Roadmap for GData module work

How to successfully complete this project ?
Well the answer follows as a roadmap:
  1. Atom module presents the features of Atom syndicating protocol and it seems like a good place to start experimenting.
  2. Need to specify which parts of drupal is exposed through GData mudule. We also need to consider read-only and read/write parts seperately.
  3. Tweaking Atom module to make it take in requests as GData specifies.
  4. Creating a gfeed.php which actually takes all client request and turns them onto drupal.
  5. Test the gfeed.php and GData module across certain test conditions.

Till this I expect I need a month's time, by which we may even have better solutions to the HTTP PUT / DELETE and gfeed.php issues.
  1. Support for basic query stuff through the GData module. ( remember the 'q' thing ? )
  2. Atom has a publishing protocol too, which however is not implemented in Atom module, but is needed in GData. Thus the GData module now needs to grow into supporting updations, insertions, deletions.
  3. Implementing authentication in GData. I except by this time Google will have done more work on this end and impletemention will be easier.
  4. Testing as usual.

Again this above block should be a month's work.
  1. Optimise the module's query part so that it is less time and resource consuming.
  2. Allow the community to test the mudule and go into a full bug-fixing mode.

At the end of this we should have a full working GData module for Drupal.

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