Saturday, October 10, 2009

Big Bang at next OCC Kolkata

Hi all,
At the Upper Wood Street CCD we came across a blog post on Venture Woods, informing an Angel Investor Event happening on the 21st of this month.
During this OCC meet we crowd-sourced a template to crowd-source at least one business plan at the next OCC and present it to the event.
So during the next OCC meet at CCD RDB Boulevard (Oct 14) we are providing a platform to crowd-source at least one business plan and subsequently follow through to convert this plan to a venture. Here is the list describing the flow:

- Identifying the domain
- Identifying the pain points & the ideas
- A hand-raise voting of which ideas each individual wants to work for (You can raise your hands for multiple ideas!)
- For each idea that is then being eventually crowdsourced, select a moderator
- Following this, we will give you a proposed flow (which we formulated right now!). Each group can tweak it and carry on with forming their b-plans!

So, that’s it! Let’s meetup on this Wednesday at 2 PM!
We will start off with the crowd-sourcing at 3 PM, and would suggest you to be at CCD RDB Boulevard by 2:30.
If you have any suggestions, just shoot on the mailing list!

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