Thursday, February 18, 2010

I am not a terrorist

Its been a while since I have written anything. Well I have been very busy with work lately ( to be precise, which will launch soon). More on that in later blog posts; today I want to talk about something else. "My Name is Khan". I am sure most people who follow my posts will know this is the name of the latest movie by Karan Johar starring Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. And almost anyone who knows me, knows I do not watch many movies, neither do I do celebrity worship. Then why am I writing on a film?

There is enough reason behind it. Not many reasons though, just one solid reason: life. Each film has a message to deliver. And Indian cinema in recent times are very message oriented, less dance/drama, etc. I have watched "Wake up Sid", "Rocket Singh", "3 Idiots", "Ishqiya" in recent past and have thought of writing on all of them. They all had messages. Some love, some honesty and so on. But what eventually got me to write on My Name is Khan is how easily and vividly the film presents the right (or lack of) to live. Do not get me wrong, each of the other movies were wonderful and had clear messages. But love, respect, honesty come only after a 13 year old boy lives to see the age 21 or more.

Our world has become too violent, from within. It is not them (whoever "they" may be). It is us, yes all of us, each and every one stupid human being. Or should I not use that term, since we are not even human enough. I think some alien super-power should come and strip the "human" tag off us. We kill like animals, behave like butchers (even worse, at least they get paid), and then we suspect the other to be a "terrorist". I know this film will not appeal to many, it does not have to; we have already lost so much faith in ourselves that the message may not come clear through. Only time will tell if we will all die at 13 or live to see older years.

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